2015 European PhD in Fine Arts, Complutense University of Madrid.

2004 Professional Piano Degree.





2016-2018 Professor of Photography, T.A.I. Transforming Arts Institute T.A.I. (Madrid).

2010-2011 Professor of Photography, College of Fine Arts, University of Castile-La Mancha (Cuenca).

2005-2009 Professor of Photography, C.E.S. College for Audio-visual Media, Madrid.

2005-2015 Masterclasses, lectures and seminars delivered in C.E.V. College for Communications and Audio-visual Media (Madrid), Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach (Frankfurt), Cornell University (Rome), T.A.I. Transforming Arts Institute (Madrid), C.E.S. College for Audio-visual Media (Madrid), University of Murcia, Francisco de Vitoria University (Madrid).







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"Dialecto" works of the CA2M Collection, “Dos de Mayo” Art Centre, Madrid.

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Second Edition “Resistance Cabinet”. House-Atelier of Lucio Muñoz and Amalia Avia, Madrid.
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“Hendu”. Project arranged by Oxfam Intermón. Tribeca Hall, Madrid.

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Scholars’ Final Exhibition 2011/12. Spanish Academy in Rome.

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“Air_port_art”. The AENA Foundation Collection. Complutense Art Centre, Madrid.

“DIZ” Palma Photo’11. SKL Gallery, Palma de Mallorca.



2021 Photographer of the Month Award, ITSLIQUID.

2020 Mallorca Council Photography Award.

Santiago Castelo International Photography Award. Unesco Extremadura Center.

Cultural Reactives Projects Molinos del Río Prize (Photography, Design, Architecture). Curator Rodrigo Carreño.

Aid for Creation S.O.S Art / Culture. VEGAP.

2019 Kells Award, Estampa Art Fair.

2018 Ankaria Foundation artistic residences: Transversia Spain-Senegal.

2016 Estampa 2016, Regional Authority of Madrid Award.

2015 VIII Biennial International Competition of Contemporary Photography “Pilar Citoler” Award.

2012-2013 FormARTE Scholarship for Visual Arts and Photography, Spanish College in Paris.

Combat Prize. City of Livorno. Honourable Mention.

2011-2012 Scholarship from Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spanish Academy in Rome.

2010 AENA Foundation Photography Award.

2009 INICIARTE scholarship for the creation and dissemination of contemporary art. Andalusia Regional Authority.

2008 Art Creation Award, Regional Authority of Madrid.

2007 Shortlisted in the “El Cultural” photography competition, El Mundo, Madrid.

Artist in Residence Scholarship, Atelierfrankfurt, Frankfurt am Main.

2004 Juan Gris Chair, Jannis Kounellis course.

2002- 2005 Honorary Research Scholarship, Fine Arts College, Complutense University of Madrid.

2002 Scholarship for Workshop Claude Closky, DFSSU Management of IT Projects, Paris.

2001 Scholarship for doctoral tuition overseas, Paris 8 University.



2021 “Pictura”, portrait series made for the Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid.

“Research of the creative process through the landscape photography” On-line workshop organized by Photoespaña.

“¿How to be a female photographer?” On-line conversations organized by the Spanish Cultural Center in Lima, curated by Marta Soul.

“Looking with them” Cultural Section El Corte Ingles. Conversations on Contemporary photography, Curated by Zara Fernández de Moya.

Mapfre Culture, Conversations over Tomoko Yoneda´s work. Mapfre Foundation.

2019/2020 Coordinator of the residences Tabacalera Cantera, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.
“Photography now!” Conversations about the Landscape: Jose Guerrero and Paula Anta”, EDLA, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.
"Talk", Conversations with María Platero, PhotoEspaña, El Águila Art Centre, Madrid.

2018 III “Dialogues on Contemporary Image”. Eva Lootz and Paula Anta, Centro Universitario de Artes TAI.

“Conference on Art: Cultural Policy on Plastic Arts”, Fide Foundation.

2017 “Ampliar el paisaje: profundización en el proceso creativo” (Extending the landscape: deepening into the creative process), training atelier arranged by Tabacalera, Madrid. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

“Paula Anta Manifesto”, Nocapaper Books.

“Retrátate” (Portray yourself!), Madrid Regional Authority, Samsung and Photoespaña.

2016 “Oral Memories”, interviews with up-and-coming artists. General Sub-Directorate for the Promotion of Fine Arts.

“Spanish Artists. In & out” (Artistas Españoles. In & Out). Roundtable at Photoespaña festival. Telefónica Foundation Hall, Madrid.

2014 Photoespaña “Soft frontiers – Flashes, Dazzles and Ruptures: a Chronicle of Contemporary Photography in Spain” (Fronteras Blandas - Destellos, deslumbramientos y rupturas: una crónica de la fotografía contemporánea en España). Telefónica Foundation.

“More and Better Aid” (Más y Mejor Ayuda). Project undertaken in Mauritania for Oxfam Intermón.

2009 “Postcards of Madrid” (Postales de Madrid). Installation and photographs, La Caja Mágica, Madrid. Documentary produced for Telemadrid.

2008 “Exploring Usera” (Explorando Usera). Installation and photographs, a collaboration with a project by LaHostiaFineArts (LHFA). Madrid Abierto Art Festival, Madrid.

“Risoletto”. Audiovisual project for LaHostiaFineArts (LHFA) in collaboration with Los Torreznos, Centre for Modern Art, Madrid.

2007-2006 “Instruction Manual and Greatest Hits” (Manual de instrucciones y Grandes éxitos). A collaboration with “La más Bella” magazine, ARCO, Madrid.


Council of Mallorca

Unesco Extremadura Centre

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Public Works

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